Sosa-Carrillo House. Tucson.

Use the white circle to compare the Sosa-Carrillo House, 1960s to the present-day.
Photo: Bill Hopkins (Tucson Citizen) & AE Araiza (Arizona Daily Star)
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“Borderlands Theater and Los Descendientes de Tucson receive new landlords in Rio Nuevo at historic adobe, Feb. 2, 2023

The Sosa-Carrillo House in 1971, prior to restoration. The TCC Music Hall is under construction in the background. AZ Daily Star

Our reopening exhibit, “Dos Mujeres Tucsonense” is up! Come and visit the Museum.

We are open:

Thursdays, 1-7pm (and by appointment).

Etch your family into Tucson history

Did you hear the news?! The fountain in front of the Historic Sosa-Carrillo House is getting revamped and you and your family have the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick around the fountain! Use the link below to create a 3 or 6 line brick honoring your Tucson roots! Proceeds benefit Los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson and the Mexican American Heritage and History Museum.

Phase I of the bricks will be placed on the fountain’s east side (closest to the Sosa-Carrillo House). Phase II will have a later deadline, and those bricks will be on the fountain’s west side.


Alisha Vasquez to join Betty Villegas as Co-Directors of Tucson’s Mexican American Heritage and History Museum, February 2022.

Betty Villegas
Alisha Vasquez

Nuestra Comunidad

Past Exhibits

  • Illuminated Mariachi instruments, a guitar and trompeta, hang from the ceiling, casting shadows on the wall.
  • A long black dress with beads in the shape of flowers and birds is on display. Paper flowers and a suit hang in the background.

Upcoming Events

Parking and Accessibility

The MAHHM is currently surrounded by a Tucson Convention Center construction project, making parking unclear. You can enter the northernmost parking lot off of Granada Ave. There are disabled parking spaces near the southwest of the Sosa-Carrillo House. The museum is one story and wheelchair accessible. Please email with any accommodation questions or requests.